Dealing with Cancer Patients

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One of the things I've observed about people suffering from cancer is that they are often looking for someone to “save” them. As I have already stated, they readily put themselves into the care of people who are assertive and confident and promise them effective therapy or miraculous cures. Again, this is a reflection of the difficulty they often have in deciding what it is that they want or need, deciding to take care of themselves, and trusting their own instincts and intuition.

During the past year or two, I've spoken with several people with cancer.  I have helped them put together a supplement program and then schedule a follow-up. When they come back, they have been to three other practitioners who have recommended other supplements and they've bought them all. Often these other formulas have similar ingredients to the ones I've already recommended.

This kind of thing happens a lot with people who are seriously ill and scared. The problem is that fear, worry, depression, etc., all depress your immune system, and if someone with cancer is going to optimize their chances for recovery, they need to work through their emotional issues and find ways to create love, peace, joy and pleasure in their life. I have some resources I often recommend to help people do this.

One of my favorites is a movie called Question of Faith. I checked on and there are two movies by that title. This one is the 1998 VHS version starring Harry Andrews. This movie covers all aspects of natural healing from cancer—diet, exercise, attitude, emotional healing, etc. It's a very inspiring story and can be very helpful for someone with cancer.

I also recommend The Pleasure Principle by Dr. Paul Pearsall, available from Nightingale Conant. Dr. Pearsall, a psychiatrist, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and beat it. He went the orthodox medical route for treatment, but also used attitude as a big part of his healing process. I think he has a lot of good things to say about how to boost the immune system through deliberately seeking pleasurable experiences.

Both of these resources should give you some great ideas about how to deal with the emotional aspects of cancer. For more information on the nutritional and supplement aspects of working with cancer, I recommend ordering our Herbal Hour DVD Cancer: Unlocking the Mystery  or better yet, getting our Cancer Education Package.  I'm sure you'll find this information helpful.